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News & Events

27 February 2012Peppe's Pasta takes home 6 Silver & 3 Bronze medals winners at the 2012 Fine Food Show Pasta Competition.

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31January 2012 Peppe's Pasta achieves renewal of HACCP certification.

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fresh pasta

"Long silky strands of egg and flavoured pasta in a variety of widths and lengths…"


Flat long strips of pasta about 1 cm wide. The Egg Fettuccine and the Basil & Garlic Fettuccine has won Silver Medal, the Rocket & Lemon Zest Fettuccine has won Bronze Medal of the Royal Fine Food Show at the Easter Show in 2002.


Angel Hair




Flat long strips of pasta about 3mm wide. The Peppe's Pasta Egg Linguine has won first prizes at the RAS every year. It is also the Gold Medal winner in this years Royal Fine Food Show. Other popular flavours are Chilli, Basil & Garlic and Rocket & Lemon Zest Linguine.


A long flat pasta about 2 cm wide. This style of pasta originated from Tuscany and is most commonly served with rich sauces. The Tuscan's local dish is "Pappardelle with hare sauce" ask us for the recipe. It's one of our favourites! The most popular flavours are the Egg Pappardelle and Saffron Pappardelle which was awarded First Prize Royal Fine Food Show in 2001 as well as the Silver Medal in 2002.


Lasagne Sheets
Lasagne sheets are 16cm wide and 24 cm long. The sheets are separate with a light dusting of semolina. There are 10 sheets to the 500g packet and are also available in 1 kg bags. We recommend lightly boiling the sheets for about 3-4 minutes before making the lasagne/cannelloni, although some customers prefer not to and the dish turns out just as delicious without boiling. The sauce is made a little more liquid to compensate.


Maccherone di Casa (Home made maccherone)
Southern Italian long hollow shaped pasta, traditionally hand made and served on festive occasions because it was time consuming task to hand roll strands of pasta. Now customers can enjoy eating maccherone all year round.


Retail packets of fresh pasta are sold fresh in 500g packets.
Fresh pasta can be kept in the refrigerator up to 2 weeks.

Catering boxes are packed in 4kg boxes and are sold fresh.

Cooking Instructions
Unravel the pasta and drop into boiling salted water. Use the cooking time on the packets as a guide. Strain and serve with your favourite sauce.

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